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Location of classroom objects using prepositions

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Shirley Bovell
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Location of classroom objects using prepositions
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Donde Esta
Description: I started the lesson by greeting the students and stating the objectives to be achieved. Then, I modeled Total Physical Response (TPR) expressing positional terms in the target language using (delante de, detrás de, debajo de, al lado de and encima de) while encouraging whole class participation. Next, they viewed a video using Spanish prepositions and were encouraged to repeat using the target language.

The students did the following in their learning activities:

• Viewed and read flash cards illustrating prepositions in Spanish and English.
• Responded to the question ¿dónde está? by expressing estoy with a Spanish preposition (and the student name) e.g. (estoy delante de Jasara). Multiple students were given the
opportunity to respond.
• Reviewed vocabulary related to preposition from the text book (page 129)
• Worked in groups to correctly match and sequence a set of flash cards in English and Spanish.
• Introduced está by using a student as a example. (Maria está detrás de la mesa).
• Specific students called other students and asked them to hold up their flash card and state where the person was giving appropriate responses in Spanish.
• Completed a written exercise by writing the correct preposition to fill the blanks.
• Students were assessed in the following ways:

In oral/written form to test correct expression and pronunciation while engaging with their peers and by completing a written exercise using prepositions appropriately.

The lesson ended with the students playing “Simon Dice”.

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