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Let's Find The Treasure!

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Anderson Gittens
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Let's Find The Treasure!
Students’ age range: 04-06
Topic: Context Clues
Description: • The teacher will explain rules of a treasure hunt game the class will play. Students must look for clues which would’ve been strategically place within various parts of the classroom, upon locating a clue, students will either move unto another clue or find the item.
• Teacher will flash ten (10) basic sight words on card for students to orally identify. After they have been identified, teacher will then show students the words again, this time in a random order and ask students to create a sentence using the given word.
• Teacher will then explain to students that they were able to create sentences because they knew the words before but now they were going to be given sentences with underlined unfamiliar words and they would need to look for clues within the sentence (like how they did in the treasure hunt) to determine the meaning of the unknown words.
• Teacher will write ten sentences on the board along with three definition options, students must copy the sentences and circle the correct option.

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