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Is is true?

  • 23 April 2018
  • Posted by: Shernette Shana Richards-Francis
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Is is true?
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Facts or Opinion
Description: I started the lesson by asking students questions if anyone has ever told a lie on them. I then allow students to share their experiences. After which students were asked to express how they felt when a lie was told about them. Then teacher explain the key concepts, Fact and opinion to students. Students were given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain from the explanation by giving an example of a fact and an opinion. students and teacher then formed the Fish Bowl Circle, where students shared their opinions on a given topic. Students were then taken to the computer lab where they researched the topic to find evidence for their opinions. Soon after, students worked in pairs to complete worksheets where they determine factual or opinionated statements. The lesson ended by reviewing the definitions and completing a short quiz on the topic facts or opinions.

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