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Identifying ‘the main idea’ and ‘supporting details’ in writing.

  • 25 April 2018
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Identifying ‘the main idea’ and ‘supporting details’ in writing.
Students’ age range: 10-12
Topic: Comprehension
Description: Students will view a video presentation entitled ‘Batman versus Superman’ and the teacher will ask several questions such as “What is video about?”, “State two things that recall from the video” and ‘Which part of the video did you enjoy the most?” to generate discussion. Answers will be conferred and students asked if they could guess what will be discussed today. The teacher will introduce the lesson.
Learning Activities/Experiences:
The students will be asked to recall meanings of the terms, ‘main idea’ and ‘supporting details’ in their own words. Students will understand the concept of finding the main idea and supporting details.
The teacher will organize students in groups and engage them in “Two-Minute Talks”, an activating strategy. Students will listen attentively and follow the instructions of the teacher. They will be asked to read a short information passage on elephants.

Students will work in pairs and share by brainstorming everything they know about elephants. Students will retell a portion of their findings in their “two-minute talks” or the fishbowl technique to share ideas and evaluate written information and the information presented by their peers.
The teacher will do a close reading of a comprehension passage about elephants questioning students before, during and after the reading. Then, students will re-read passage and complete their assessment.

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