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Homonyms in action

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Carolyn Barker
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Homonyms in action
Students’ age range: 06-08
Topic: The definition and use of Homonyms
Description: Play a game of charades.
Teacher will do the dramatization in order to elicit from students, words which could end up having a different meaning. For example the use of the word watch. By the end of the set induction, students should be able to decipher that the one word given has two meanings called homonyms.
? Establish with students that we are talking about words which are spelt the same but have different meaning based on the context. Give the example sentences using a word in the sentence which has the different meaning and ask students to give the meaning of the word when used in both context.
? Present students with a sentence using the word sea and see and elicit from them the response that the words are used as homophones and ask the students to state the meaning of homophones. The same will be done using a sentence with a synonym and antonym where students will state that the highlighted words are used as such.
? Ask students to think of words which if given in a different context would have a different meaning, for example the watch from earlier discussion.

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