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  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Alicia Parris
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Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: National Heores of Barbados
Description: Invite students to share their opinion of what is a hero and what makes them special. Inform students they will be using the jigsaw strategy which involves being placed into groups of three to research one of the ten National Heroes of Barbados. Allow students to select a group leader in each group who will then come and pull the name of the National Hero they will be researching. Inform students they will be researching the contributions the national hero made to Barbados’ development as well as significant events that occurred in their lives that led to these contributions. Also in their groups, discuss their contributions to determine what made these individual so special to be characterised as national héroes of Barbados and the impact their actions made to present day society. Provide students with the necessary materials they will be using to help them with their research. Encourage group members to select a scribe who is responsible to recording information researched and points outlined during their discussions. Allow students to know this assignment will occur during three social studies periods culminating with a whole class discussion of what they learnt. Also, encourage students to work cooperatively as they research and to try and resolve any conflicts that arise through the group leader first before they come to the teacher. Periodically, walk by each group, listen and observe what is happening.

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