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Genetic Engeering

  • 23 April 2018
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Genetic Engeering
Students’ age range: 16-18
Topic: Genetic Engineering
Description: Brainstorming, sthink pair share activities will be used to get out students concept of what genetic engineering is.
Students wwill bw allowed to read the definition displayed on LCD Projector. Teacher will explain the term.
Pictures involving aspects of genetic engineering will be highlighed. Students will observe the pictures and make comments.
Other areas in agriculture and medicine will be identified.

Students will be allowed to work in groups of four and research using their phones and the internet in class the pros and cons of genetic engineering.
One person from each group will make a group report.

Students will be asked to state some imlications of genetic engineering. Stuents informations will be liste don the board. Teacher will add to students list.

The Fish bowl teaching strategy will be used to get students views on genetic engineeering whether its bad or good giving reasons for their answers.

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