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Fishing in Barbados

  • 23 April 2018
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Fishing in Barbados
Students’ age range: 10-12
Topic: Coral Reefs
Description: Outline to students the strategy of jigsaw method. Arrange the class in 5 groups. Assign leaders to each group and inform students of their roles. Inform students that they will form new groups. Ask students to complete their fact sheets before returning to their original groups. Discuss rules for working within groups. The students will sing a part of the song ‘De Fisherman.’ Question the students to elicit the areas around the island where the fisherman in the song would assemble to start work (fishing markets). Inform students that they will work in groups to discover more about the areas of the ocean the fisherman would travel to in order to make his living - coral reefs around the island. Distribute coloured fact sheets which will correspond with the reading material for each assigned group. Allow student to assemble in their new groups.

Groups will look at
Group 1 - Types and features of coral reefs.
Group 2 - Location of some reefs around the island.
Group 3 – Damage to coral reefs.
Group 4 - Importance of coral reefs to Barbados
Group 5 - Protection of coral reefs.

Learning Experiences
Distribute short passages, pictures and or maps to groups about the various aspects of coral reefs around the island. Allow each group to read, discuss and make brief notes. Have students return to their original group and inform the students of their findings.
Each group will then compile their information to be displayed on a chart. Students can then do a gallery walk.Class will then be allowed to discuss any similarities and differences noticed about the presentations.

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