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Expository Writing

  • 25 April 2018
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Expository Writing
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Expository Writing: Sequencing
Students will engage in a brainstorming exercise relating to the term ‘sequence’.
Stimulus questions:
What is sequencing?
Have you ever given directions to anyone?
How did you give it? (Expected response = in order/sequence)

Students’ responses will be written in a concept map on the board. Students will volunteer to orally form a logical/sensible definition from the information/ideas on the board. Definitions will be written on the board. Students will copy the correct definition into their notebooks.
Students will view a small part of a picture that is projected on the board. Base don their viewing students will say what they see and predict what they think the accompanying/relating story will be (about). A larger portion of the picture will be revealed after which students will say if their original idea/stance has changed or remain the same. Using the new information students will volunteer to outline logically (in sequence) how the story will unfold and provide a relevant title. The entire picture will be revealed for students to confirm their ideas or interpretations as well as the sequencing of their story.

From a list of given activities, students will select and draw pictures to show the logical sequence/order of the selected activity. They will volunteer to share with the class and orally outline how each activity is to be carried out.
ACTIVITY: Draw pictures to show the sequencing of:
a. Brushing ones teeth
b. Climbing a tree
c. Boiling water

From handouts, students in pairs will read a paragraph that refers to the sequencing of a particular activity. Students will examine the process of what is to be done in the event of a tire blowout. They will respond to the following questions:
a. What process is being explained?
b. What steps are mentioned in the piece?
c. What cue words are given in the piece to show the process of sequencing?
Students attention will be drawn to the cue words for which they will make a list of the ones in the passage. Students will be provided with additional cue words and phrases which they will copy in their notebooks.
Students will be given a paragraph that is jumbled. They will unscramble the paragraph to show the logical sequence of how a particular process is to be completed.
Students with teacher facilitating, will create a flowchart to outline a typical day at school. Using ideas from the flowchart, students will write a paragraph to outline the sequence of their day at school. Students will ensure that cue words are used to show the sequencing of events. Students will volunteer to orally share their written piece with the class.
Students will examine selected pieces from the text, “English for Jamaica” and comment on the sequence of information presented.
In pairs, students will write the method, in sequence, of how to prepare their favourite meal.

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