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Expository Writing

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Lisa Proverbs-Ballantyne
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Expository Writing
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Facts and opinions
Description: Teacher will inform students of the objectives of the lesson and following this, students will present their topic and main idea of their cultural event to the class.

Students will present their foldable flap book on their event to the class. Teacher will ask students to listen attentively to their classmates’ presentation to find out if the main idea which they wrote on the ice cream cone was the correct one. Students will also participate in a discussion on each event and the facts which they learnt from the event. They will also give any opinions on the events and if they agree with the writer’s opinions. A link will be made here, where the reiteration of opinions being something someone thinks or believe, will be made.

After the discussion, the teacher will share out a letter on a cultural event in Barbados. Students will follow as the teacher reads the letter. After this, following teacher guidelines of placing the facts along with their own opinions of the event, students will write a letter to a friend inviting them to the cultural event on their foldable. Students will use correct grammar, punctuation, main idea and supporting details in paragraph and letter writing.

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