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Energy conservation

  • 20 October 2017
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Energy conservation
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Conservation of Energy
Description: The teacher will ask for about for volunteers to take part in a class race. The teacher will instruct students to carry as many beans from one side of the class to the other as quickly as possible. Once completed the teacher will ask students the following questions:
What was needed in order to carry out the activity?
Why is energy important?
Where else is energy exerted?
Distribute construction paper to students in groups of about three (3). Students will be asked to gather ideas of where energy exerted using a mapping technique. Once completed students will be required to give examples of how energy is exerted in each environment, and how best persons can assist in conserving energy in the environment.
Students will join groups of three (3), which they will work together to collaborate ideas on where energy is exerted and also how energy can be conserved by persons in these specific communities. Once completed students will present information.
Share a definition of energy to students. The teacher will highlight responses where energy is found.The guided practice would be an explanation of the ways energy is used in the community and how we can conserve, allowing all students to add inputs to cases viewed during the cooperative discussion lead by the teacher.
Students will be expected to share their ideas of where energy is exerted and also how it can be conserved after viewing various scenarios viewed in class.
The teacher will divide the class into two groups. The teacher will present questions such as:
What is energy
Why is energy important
How can we conserve energy used in various áreas within our island
What is our government doing to promote conservation of energy

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