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Elements of a Story

  • 23 April 2018
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Elements of a Story
Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: Analysing Characters
Description: Procedure :
1. Introduction
Students will be shown a video which demonstates how identify character traits and how to analyse a character. The video has caption for the student that is hearing impaired.
Teacher will show students the cover of the novel and the students will state what kind of characters might be in it and the trait tey might possess.

2. Teacher and students will read chapter 1 alternately and discuss the Little they learn about the character

3. The class will be seperated into five groups where the Jigsaw technique will be employed. Each group will be assigned a chapter between chapters 2 and 6. They will be given the responsibility of Reading the chapter assigned to them and summarize and share and at the end of each chapter. The teacher will facilitate this process to ensure no main point gets lost.

4. students will use the Fish bowl tecnique stategy to discuss the characters. Teacher will write questionson the board to facilitate discussion. Teacher will also intervene where necessary as a praticipant in the Fish bowl to put ideas accross. Before the activity begins, the teacher will explain the technique and lay the ground rules.

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