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El viaje exterior

  • 25 April 2018
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El viaje exterior
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: En el aeropuerto
Description: Engagement: The students will be greeted in Spanish.They will then look at cartoon stip and then read aloud.They will then watch a short video on going through the airport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=layomQq_--w

Exploration: The students will be asked to do a research at least a week before class on the Spanish speaking country or countries that they have visited or would like to visit and will be given certian words or phrases to aid in the smooth running of the lesson. Using the fish bowl strategy,five students will be placed in the centre of the circle and they will talk about the Spanish-speaking country or countries they have visited or would like to visit. Students will indicate by clapping their hands twice in order to go into the circle.They would ask questions about the country or countries for example on the currency used,music dance and places of interest. They will be given a set time to talk on different aspects. Students will be encouraged to stay on the topic. A particular student will bounce a ball if they have diverted from the topic at hand.They will also talk about about using the kiosk machine to check in whether they like it or not.
Explanation: Vocabulary will be placed on board. Students will use the future tense and the preterite tense and other tenses where necessary. They will be required to ask directions as they move from one part of the airport to another. If one of their friends is unable to find his/her way through the airport he/she such be able to send whatsapp messages to that friend to help him/her find his her way around.For example, they will ask where to find the cambio the gift shop and the restroom. They will also be required to read and follow signs in the airport.
Elaboration: Listen to an announcement given at the airport and then help someone who is sitting beside him/her who does not understand.The announcement will then be placed on the screen for them to read. They will make note of any additional vocabulary found in announcement. Additionally, students will respond accordingly based on the announcement whether to go to the counter designated for the airline or to start boarding. Students will role play scenes going through customs and immigration.They will bring costumes to do their dramatization as they would have been notified ahead of time. For this presentation the facilitaor will assign a student to video the presentation and one to take pictures. They will also fill out their immigration forms and custom forms. They will also state if they have anything to declare.

Evaluation 1: Students will create and send an email to their teacher about their experience at the airport.

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