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Ecuadorian Ethnic groups

  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Jorge Hamilton Leal Cevallos
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Ecuadorian Ethnic groups
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Ecuadorian Ethnic groups
Description: In order to create a learning environment, an icebreaker activity is developed. In order to activate students previous knowledge a map of Ecuador is showed to them. After that, the teachers introduces the topic and the content objective to the pupils. Next, the teacher explains the students what they will do after the class.
Markers and vocabulary quilts are provided to the students. After that the teacher asks students that, focused in the topic to draw/write their own ideas, background knowledge about the new topic. The teacher emphasizes students that at this stage of the class there are not right or wrong answers in order to promote the whole class participation. After that, the teacher asks students to share their information, ideas and opinions with the small group and the rest of the class. For the second stage of the lesson which is the part where the content is provided to students by the teacher. The educator presents students specific information about the topic while students watch and listens the data about the topic they could made connections with their previous knowledge. Next the teacher provides students sticky notes to add more words in the vocabulary quilt and at the same time that learners have opportunity to reflect about the new input. The intentionality of this action was based in the premise that at this moment students get a better understanding and had the opportunity to compare other’s understanding.
For the affirmation phase, formative assessment is used. The teacher asks questions about the topic so he could figures out if the students get the new information. The teacher confirm the knowledge or reinforced it with the use of different techniques like revoice, rephrase, modeling and asking for the participation from other members of the community of learners.

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