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Conservation of the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas)

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Ricardo Johnson
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Conservation of the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas)
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: The Queen Conch
Description: Introduction: Class opens with a display of an array of conch products: Conch shell jewelry, lamps and picture frames, conch fritters, conch salad and pictures of conch dishes. Students are intrigued by the natiive delights and the chance of a tastey sample by the end of the class. Students are allowed 60 seconds to browse the display as the teacher gives verbal highlights. Teacher asks open-ended questions to spark student interest and allude to what is to come.

Development: Students are instucted to form groups of three’s and identify a Reader, Scribe and Presenter. Printed instructions for the activities are shared with each group
• Teacher immediately leads the class into watching the video clip as students watch intently.
• Keeping the momentum, Teacher checks students prior knowledge of the value of the Queen Conchs as food and for income by asking 2 or 3 students close-ended questions.
• Teacher briefly reviews the written instructions, then releases the groups to work.
• As students work in their groups, Teacher offers support and encouragement to groups if needed.
• Twenty minutes are allowed for the activity, then students are asked to stop.
• Each group is given 2-minutes to briefly share their work

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