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  • 25 May 2018
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Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Understanding Text Features
Description: There are two classes consisting of thirty-six studnets each that were taught the lesson over six sessions. The groups are being taught the curriculum for City and Guilds English Language which comes with core units that students must cover. Sessions were 80 minustes long and the lesson was covered in 6 sessions.
The lesson began with the students placed in small groups and the distribution of City and Guilds source documents to all students. The source documents which were colourful and had various text features on them that spanned the five categories. Students were asked to focus on questions related to the source document and the various features on it in their groups and select a reporter to respond to the questions and any other ideas they had about the source document.
Groups gave their responses and their points which ranged from having seen the some of the features before to knowing why some were used were note don the board for further discussion. Class is then led into a discussion where they are given the names of the categories under which the features fall and allowed to research each type of features and find examples on the source documents as well as from their research under each category. They will also look at the function of each of the features. Groups made their presentations to the class where they were critiqued by their peers and the teacher.
The students were then given an article on drugs taken from an English Language text and guided Reading followed. This was done to get the students understanding of the content as well as for them to identify the áreas for which they could use the text features to make the document more reader-friendly without losing the salient points from the article. Students were allowed to re-create their source document as a group homeowrk assignment and present their new source document for whole critiquing.
Students were allowed to interact with documents individually and in pairs where they recreated documents using text features and written assignments that involved them naming the features highlighted by the functions. Lesson ended with students individually completing a mini quizz involing matching and identifying text features that could be used in various areas of a given article

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