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  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Kasata Phillips- Riley
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Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Figurative Language
Description: Step 1: Students will be given sentence strip. Students will be given two minutes to walk around and find their group members based on the sentence they were given. Students will sit with their members.

Step 2: Using the following question students will justify the decisión,
a. Why did you choose to associate yourself with the others in your group?
b. What was the similiarity between your sentence and the sentences of your group members?

Step 3: Each group will be given a title card. Each title card has a figurative device on it. Example metaphor, personification. Teacher will ensure that the card matches the sentence given. Using the similiarities for sentences given as a guide, students will determine the definition on the title card given. Each group will share their understanding.

Step 4: Students will be given textbooks, “English For All Bk 1”. Using the text students will read to get more information about the title card (figuative device).

Step 5: Using the fish bowl strategy students will share what they found out about the figurative device they were assigned. Each group will take turn contributing to the discussion by given a description of the figurative device assigned or listening to classmates giving the description.

Step:6 Using PREZI, teacher will present a short summary of the figurative devices covered in class. Examples will be given and selected students will take turn to identify the figurative device and justify answer given.

Step 7: Each group will be given a poem. After Reading the poem, students will identify the figurative devices used by the poet. One representative from each group will share answers with the class.

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