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Compound words

  • 23 April 2018
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Compound words
Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: How can I identify compound words and use them correctly
Ice Breaker/ Motivation

? The teacher will model song about compound words. The students will join in singing the song. The students will solve the brain teaser given to find as many compound words as posible using two words to make one, the student who finds the most t the end of the timer will be awarded a sticker.

? Try to define the meaning of the Word compound words without the use of a dictionary. This will be done in groups and the teacher will utilise the hand in, pass out strategy. Each group will be given a blank paper on which to write their understanding of what they think a compound Word is. At the end they will Exchange their definition for others to read and agree whether it is a feasible response or not.
? Read meaning on a chart displayed “ A compound Word is a Word that is made up of two smaller words to make a new word.
? The students will give their responses of examples of compound words.
Partner Activity
? Teacher will group students in groups of 5’s
? A writer and a reporter will be assigned to each group.
? Hand out small square picturesbof compound words, scissors, glue, markers and construction paper.
? Each group will work together to match words to créate the compound words that is shown in the picture. Students will then cuto ut the picturea and glue them unto the construction paper to créate a compound Word. They will then use markers to insert the plus sign and equal sign and paste the compound Word created at the end. For example


? Teacher will monitor and supervise as well as using the oral questioning technique to see whether students understand what they are doing.

? Groups will be given ten minutes each to make a presentation on what they have done.

? They students will be given a game card to play “Compound words and Ladder.” Here the card will have words as well as snakes. The student will be given a dice to throw. He or she cannot play unless the dice lands on six. After which the student will move accordingly as the number the dice lands on. The trick here is that if the child land on the head of the snake, must move down to the tail of the snake. The winner will be the first person to reach the top and will identify all the compound words that they encountered.

Whole Group

? Use the compound words encountered from the Compound word ladder to créate sentences of their own. They will underline the compound Word used then separate root words. For example :- Mary got a football for her gift. The Word football is a compound Word. The two words that were joint together to make one are foot and ball.

Describe the evaluation process / evaluation instrument (150 words max):
A combination of worsheet, Word card as well as the metacognition table will be used.

Sample 1- Metacognition Table (ALL Students)

What did we do?

Why did we do it?

What have we learnt?

What questions do I still have about it?

How can I apply it?

Sample 2 – The WorkSheet- (Independent Readers)

Sample 3 – (instructional readers)
Given a Word card, find the compound words and colou them in their favourite colours,

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