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Communiction and Media Literacy

  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Carla McLaughlin
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Communiction and Media Literacy
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Introduction to Communication
Description: Students will participate in a game of Chinese telephone. Teacher or a student will whisper a message to another student and the message is whispered to each student until all students get the message. The last student to receive the message will say it aloud. This message will be compared with the original message. The students will be led into a guided discussion for them to provide definitions for the concepts based on participation in the game; the discussion will also center around why the message changed or did not change. This will be noted on the board.
Students will be placed in groups of six (6). Students will use their devices to conduct research on the forms of communication on their devices. The stronger students will work with the slower ones.
Students will choose representatives from their groups to share the information they found on the forms of communication. Stronger students will be chosen to construct a concept map that will show the different forms of communication and examples of each. Teacher will assist students in constructing this. They will be shown pictures of the different forms of communication.

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