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Christopher Columbus Voyages and its Impact

  • 25 April 2018
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Christopher Columbus Voyages and its Impact
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Eurpoean Exploration ( Christopher Columbus)
Description: To introduce lesson using students previous knowledge teacher places some broad headings in the class one is marked , Villain, Hero and Neutral.. Students will stand under which heading they think Columbus belongs to. Inform students that they will discuss their feelings about Christopher Columbus in the lesson.
Have each student read a few pages from their E-Text books on the life of and journey of Christopher Columbus.
Briefly discuss Discuss this reading with the students and ask them if they still feel the same way about Columbus based on the text. Using their response inform them that we will use the fishbowl method to discuss the changes this one event from history would have on the entire future of the world.
Place 4 students in the middle of the class these students will take their position at the round table. The students would have given mixed reviews on how they feel about Christopher Columbus and his impact. The other 7 Students will remain on the outside and listen carefully to what is taking place in the inner circle , once one person in the fishbowl is ready to leave he or she indicates as such and leaves. The fishbowl ends when everyone has contributed.
In closing the teacher summarize the discussion.

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