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Characterization in Emil and the Detectives

  • 25 April 2018
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Characterization in Emil and the Detectives
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Understanding the main characters
Description: 1. Students form relay teams. First persons on teams run up, select pre-prepared question from pool, read, write answer on card,then tag another team member who does the same thing. At the end, answers are checked. Team with all correct answer gets prize.
2.Teacher introduces lesson with learning objectives and content to be explored.
3. Separate class into two groups. Divide each half into five groups.
4. Brainstorm previous knowledge about how the writer lets reader learn about the characters. Place information on semantic map.
5. Each group on either side gets one area of the STEAL to exploe one main charácter (Emil/Grundeis). Students find evidence in the text to support.
6. The five groups get into one large group and make a charácter sketch of their designated charácter. Students place information on charts for exhibition.
7. Representatives from each character group speak about their charácter.
8. Students compare their personality to Grundeis or Emil.

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