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Character Analysis and Author's Intended Purpose

  • 25 May 2018
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Character Analysis and Author's Intended Purpose
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Discussion and Analysis of the major characters in the text Green Days By The River
Description: Set Induction – The teacher will enter the classroom and make a general statement: “All men are worthless. They do not know how to treat a woman”. This statement is menat to evoke a response from a very opinionated group of students. After hearing their input, the teacher will ask them to ponder on those thoughts for a bit while we engage in an in-depth discussion of this as it relates to the text Green Days by The River.

The students will then be directed to set up the classroom in the format of a fish bowl. The rules of the class discussion to follow will be explained to them so that all students have a sound understanding of the intended exercise and its purpose.

Those students who had a burning desire to make a response to the teacher’s statement as it relates to the text being discussed were encouraged to take a seat in the fish bowl first. Thorough and in-depth discussion will ensue and all students will be given the opportunity to participate in the fish bowl during the lesson giving their views, using evidence from the text to support their comments.

After the discussion, students will be encouraged to return to their seats and then using the bristol boards provided, créate their own graphic organizers outling their previous views and opinions about the major characters in the text before the discussion and the thoughts and opinions of said characters after the discussion. They will also indicate whether their opinions have in any way changed or have been solidified after the discussion.

These graphic organizers will be presented to the class with an explanation by each student.

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