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Bicycle Safety

  • 25 May 2018
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Bicycle Safety
Students’ age range: 00-04
Topic: 'Travel from here to there"
Description: The students will repeat the rhyme My Little Bicycle while dramatizing the appropriate action
I have my own vehicle
A bicycle is its name
I put on my saftey gear
And ride my bicycle everywhere

Learning experiences:
• The students will be asked if they have bicycles at home.
• Students will be engaged in a discussion about some other ways that they can ensure they are safe while riding their bicycles.
• The students will view a video on their tablets about bicycle saftey. To help them understand the concept of saftey.
• They will discuss and state what is meant by the word safety.
• The students will then state items that can be worn to keep the body safe while riding. After their responses, they will be asked to name each item of safety gear and its use displayed on the table in the classroom.
Students will also be given istructions that should be followed while riding a bicycle, for example, Never ride on a busy road, Always wear protective headgear, Always ride in the presence of adults. The students will then view pictures and will to discuss the bicycle safety measures being depicted in each picture.

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