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Cause/effect Item/category Part/whole of a text

  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Andrea Romero
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Cause/effect Item/category Part/whole of a text
Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: Cause/effect Item/category Part/whole
Description: Step 1: Warm Up Socratic Semminar Ask students to get together in 4 and hand out randomly small lectures with each category inplicitinto them. Cause/effect, part/hole, Item/category Present pictures from internet for giving examples about brainstormings.
Students read the lectures comprehensively (Pre-lecture, lecture, post-lecture), enclosing, underlining, writing down meanings, and main and general ideas. (10 minutes)
Make a Brainstorming for each category and represent each key-word with drawings. (15 minutes)
Step 2: Context / Presentation Teacher’s Activities Show them a video about what a Socratic Seminar is and an example. Present a poster with rules of coexistence into a classroom. Time: 20 minutes Student’s Activities Time: 20 minutes
Ask students to share their information.
Stablish rules of coexistence.
Ask them to make questions one another Answer questions with your own ideas and examples.
They can use their notes and brainstorms.
Step 3: Guided Practice Teacher’s Activities Elaborate a Mental Map

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