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  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Liz Peters
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Students’ age range: 06-08
Topic: Light passes through an assortment of material.
Description: • Place all of the items (flashlight, candle, lamp, wax paper, cling wrap, foil paper) on a table in a central location.
• Pick up each of the items and discuss with the class whether it is transparent, translucent, or opaque and how we know it lets light through, lets some light through, or lets no light through.
• Divide students into five groups of two and allow them to investigate the passage of light through an assortment of material using a source of light and transparent, opaque and translucent materials.
• Students will observe the characteristics of each object and how it interacts with light.
• Students will share and predict how the wrapping paper does not allow light to pass through. For example: the glass or candle holder allows most light to pass through; the fabric softener sheet allows only some light to pass through.

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