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el futuro- The Future

  • 23 April 2018
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 el futuro- The Future
Students’ age range: 18+
Topic: Los Planes para el futuro-Future Plans
Description: Students will look at some pictures that teacher will use to tell which tense they will be looking at. For instance, teacher will show a little boy who is thinking of becoming a doctor. Students will have to guess that the boy is grown and wants to become a doctor in the future. Hence, identifying that the tense they will be looking at is the future tense. Teacher will ask questions such as “¿Qué vas a hacer esta noche?” “¿Qué vas a estudiar mañana? Students will respond using the same construction, e.g. “Voy a mirar la television”, “Voy a estudiar matemáticas”. The students will speak with a classmate and both will alternate in asking and answering the question. Teacher will ask some students to share. Students will record the information given in their notebooks and then allow them to ask questions. Students will draw and write sentences of future plans.

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