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Vowel Diagraph

  • 25 May 2018
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Vowel Diagraph
Students’ age range: 10-12
Topic: Helping students to understand word pronunciation wit two vowels walking together
Description: • Students will visit the football field and observe the outdoor environment. After observing they will make a list of all the things they see in their books. The students will be asked to share their findings with the class.
• The teacher will ask the students what a vowel digraph is and give them time to respond. The students responses will be analysis and the students will be encouraged for their participation.
• The teacher will write the definition on the board and students will copy it in their books. The students will then observe each word in their books and take out the one that has a vowel digraph.
• Students will work in groups and create a list of 10 words with vowel digraph. These 10 words will be use to make a presentation for the previous class. The students will find the meaning of each word, atleast 3 synonyms and 3 antonyms of each word then use the word in a sentence.
• The grade 8 and 9 students will use their prior knowledge of the meaning of the word vowel digraph and create a word list of adjectives with vowel digraph. These words will be use to help students to understand adjectives better as well as to be able to identify adjectives.
• The students will think of a word write it down and then use the dictionary to find out if the word is an adjective. The students will write the meaning of each adjective they find. Students will get familiar with each adjective by playing tag.
• Each child will be tagged with a word and they will have to tell the meaning of that word and use it in a sentence on the spot with the use of dictionary. The teacher will tag each child.
• The students will create a song or poem with each word for home work.

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