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The Story of Paethon

  • 23 April 2018
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The Story of Paethon
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Hubris
Description: Engage: Ask students , “ if they had wanted something so badly , that when they finally got it that it turned out to be a disaster.”

Tell them the story of the girl who went missing at the recent bombing in London.

Ask of their own experiences

Play Sway reviewing the story of Phaethon https://sway.com/vsffNe9hRHs4Fx9N?ref=Link&loc=mysways

Explain: Student will be given discussion question to gauge their critical thinking skills using the Socratic questions

e.g Explain how Phaethon’s pride destroyed him?

Explore: Students will be placed in groups. Each group will be given a crossword puzzle to solve. When each group is finished they will have to answer a question on the natural phenomenon found in the story for the next activity.

Elaborate: Students will be given different character cards in the same groups to defend who’s to blame for Phaeton’s demise? Using the PEE METHOD
P- point
E- example
E- explain

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