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The Four Sphere of the Earth

  • 25 April 2018
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The Four Sphere of the Earth
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: The Four Spheres of the Earth
Description: - In the first class, the topic is stated and the objectives were written on the board. (3 minutes)
- The students were briefed on the fishbowl strategy, and they were allowed to create their rules. (20 minutes)
- Thereafter, the fishbowl strategy was utilized (as a test run) in brainstorming the meaning of the four spheres of the earth namely; lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. A scribe was assigned (in the outer circle) to take notes on the definitions during the brainstorm. (20 minutes)
- Students were instructed to state the reasons that prompted their meanings. The students general level of understanding was evaluated during the question and answer session (15 minutes)
-The students were all instructed to research the meaning of the terms and other factual information on the four spheres of the earth for the next class. (2 minutes)

- In the second class the students were informed of the activities to be undertaken for the lesson. They were instructed to identify the elements of the four spheres from the two youtube video to be presented. They were issued activity sheets to categorize the elements of the four spheres they identify from the videos. (15 minutes)
- A brief evaluation session was facilitated, where students were asked to share the elements they identified, stating the categories they placed the elements in and why they chose those categories. (12 minutes). The teacher gave suggestions where necessary.
-The students rearranged the class to facilitate the fishbowl strategy. (4 mins)
- The fishbowl strategy resumed with a new question to describe-using real world scenarios- how the four spheres depended on each other to effectively operate. The students verbally created real world scenarios. Students entering the inner circle built on scenarios that previous students started until they reached a desirable description. (20 minutes)
-A short break was taken from the fishbowl startegy to have students evaluate the scenarios they described, on a scale of 1-10 based on validity. (10 minutes)

-The use of the fishbowl strategy was further utilized in the third class to explain ways in which the four spheres can be cared for and to assess the importance of caring for the spheres. Breaks were taken from the inner circle to allow students from the outer circle to give their ideas on the subject. (35 minutes). A scribe documented the students’ explanations during the session.

-In the fourth class, the students were briefed on the rubric to be used, and activity to be done. (5 minutes)
The students re-grouped in smaller groups of five creating pieces evaluating the importance of caring for, and the adverse effects of not caring for the spheres. (35 minutes)
-Each group was allotted five minutes to present. The students were evaluated during their presentations (25 minutes)
-Important points were recapped. (5 minutes)

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