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Literary Appreciation

  • 24 April 2018
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Literary Appreciation
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Poetry Enjoyment
Description: Step 1: Informs students about the focus of the lessons for the week and outline the desired outcomes.
Step 2: write vocabulary words on Whiteboard and ask students to pronounce each one then tell if they can understand the meaning of any words.
Step 3: introduce the first poem: Pencil in a Bowl by Denise
Step 4: Discusses the title of the poem with the specific focus on the words ‘pencil’ and ‘bowl’.
Step 5: discusses further the significance of the title of the poem to life.
Step 6: Reads the poem aloud while students follow in their copies.
Step 7: asks two students to dramatically demonstrate the actions in the first stanza of the poem.
Step 8: distributes post-it paper for students to write questions they have about the poem for five minutes. Then asks them to share his/her question(s) with at least three peers and at the same time ask for help in answering the questions. This activity goes for 10 minutes.
Step 9: concludes the lesson by engaging students in a game of ‘hot seating.’
Step 10: second lesson: recap content of the previous lesson and vocabulary words. Tells learners focus on the teaching.
Step 11: arranges students into four groups of four. Directs them to four poems selected for the lesson: The Pond, The Armful, Dawn is a Fisherman, and The Shell ( book Bite in 2)
Step 12: allows students to have their first Reading in their group and discussion for five minutes in their groups.
Step 13: Each group gets 10 minutes to organize their specific poem into a (narrative) story, then share same with class. And be sure to share the life lesson(s) gathered from the poem.
Step 14: Final lesson: begins by distributing “I use to think that…” papers for students to complete in seven minutes.
Step 15: have students revisit each poem individually and draw a sketch of a picture that was formed in their mind by the writer.
Step 16: share sketch with class and place on class notice board.
Step 17: review fundamental concepts of each lesson and assign students further Reading task.

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