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Making reservations at a hotel

  • 25 May 2018
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Making reservations at a hotel
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Has quedado en un hotel?
Description: Double Session 1: Methodology

1. Teacher will greet and welcome students upon their return to class from the Easter Break.
2. As a warm up activity, students will be told to state one thing they did alone, as well as one thing they did with someone during the break.
3. Students will be issued the handout on making reservations. They will be allowed to work in pairs and will be given some guiding questions to which they must respond after /during their reading.
1. How long does the guest plan to stay at the hotel?
2. What special request does he make?
3. Why does he make this request?
4. What payment arrangements does the hotel require?
5. What instructions does the receptionist give him?
4. The students and teacher will review the questions. Students will note the highlighted vocabulary from the passage.
5. The teacher will then draw students’ focus to directions. (vocabulary can be found on page 26 of the Viva 4). The class will explore ways of asking as well as stating locations of various places around the hotel. (This is to allow the students to become familiar with the hotel vocabulary items.)

Useful vocabulary
1. Review how to give directions using Commands. Review vocabulary:
Doblar, torcer(ue), continuar, seguir, ir, conducir/manejar, caminar, tomar, todo recto, por (along/through/by/past), calle arriba/abajo, al/hasta el final de la calle, en la esquina, a la derecha/izquierda, a..cuadras, esta/ se queda/ se ubica/se sitúa, esta ubicado/situado, como se llega a.., por donde puedo llegar a...

Students will be given the following situations as practice.
1. You are at a hotel and the receptionist gives you two directions to get to your room. What does she say?
2. You want to find out where is the closest Cambio to the hotel. What do you ask the receptionist?
3. The door to the elevator is on the ground floor. How do you tell your friend this?

Single Session
OBJECTIVES: Students should be able to:

1. Complete a listening activity from the ¿Cuál es?

a. The teacher will greet and settle the class. Students will be allowed to prepare to complete a listening.
b. Students will complete the listening activity. New vocabulary items will be taken from the exercise and students will note these.

Double Session 2

OBJECTIVES: Students should be able to:

1. Make reservations at a hotel.
2. Discuss problems that may arise when one travels.
3. Read and discuss the accounts of three women who experienced travel problem.
4. Report on problems that they experienced when travelling.

a. Teacher will greet and settle the students.
b. Using vocabulary items from the passage given to the students in the previous class, the students will be exposed to expressions used when making reservations. These will be noted.
c. Students will be given 15 minutes in pairs to complete the first 5 lines of a dialogue completion activity. This is to ensure that they grasp the concept/idea of what is to be done. They will complete same for homework.
d. The class will then hold a discussion about problems that can arise at a hotel. After the discussion, the teacher will present the vocabulary to students, using a PowerPoint. These will be noted.
e. The students will then be allowed to read the encounters of 3 women who have experienced various types of problems while travelling. Students will be placed in groups; each group is to read and dramatize their encounter. They will also explain to the class why they believe their problem is worst.
f. The students will write a complaint about issues they have experienced while traveling.

The students will be given 5 situations to complete for homework. These will be graded.

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