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Identifying Main Idea

  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Tashieka Burris-Melville
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Identifying Main Idea
Students’ age range: 12-14
Main subject: Language arts and literature
Topic: Literal Level Comprehension
Description: Teacher will elicit from students what a main idea is
Students will respond by sharing what they know about main idea
Teacher will present a short paragraph on the board.
Saturday at the Carnival
James and his sister Anna went to the carnival on Saturday. They rode the merry-go-round, the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. James ate popcorn and a hot dog. Anna drank lemonade and ate an apple. They saw many exciting shows. They were tired when they went home.
Teacher and students will read the paragraph
Students will be asked to say what the paragraph is mainly about.
Teacher will guide students in discussing main ideas and supporting details.
Students will be asked to identify at least three of the details that support the main idea in the paragraphs.
Students will be asked to identify the main ideas of a number of paragraphs.


  • 24 April 2018
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Students’ age range: 14-16
Main subject: Language arts and literature
Topic: Show how Owen's use of imagery in his poem "Dulce et decorum est" brings out his anti war feelings about war.
Description: Teacher’s Steps


1.Show a 2minute video clipping from the poem showing soldiers fighting

Development of lesson:

Using the Socratic method, teacher elicits from students their feelings about war.

Next they get ten minutes to prepare a mini debate about war:

Four students with pro ideas go to the centre and voice their opinions while the others listen and rake notes. This is done until all teams have a turn

Fort he remaining time students will listen to the poem being rea don You tube and follow on their sheets

For homework they should select the appropriate imagery that fit Owen’s anti war outlook

Describe the evaluation process / evaluation instrument (150 wordsmax):
They make comments on the clipping and have mini discussions
She praises and commends the students answers

She rewards them for their performance

Students listen and follow and she commends them
Students’ Evaluation:

Elements of a Story

  • 23 April 2018
  • Posted by: shushannie Allen
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Elements of a Story
Students’ age range: 08-10
Main subject: Language arts and literature
Topic: Analysing Characters
Description: Procedure :
1. Introduction
Students will be shown a video which demonstates how identify character traits and how to analyse a character. The video has caption for the student that is hearing impaired.
Teacher will show students the cover of the novel and the students will state what kind of characters might be in it and the trait tey might possess.

2. Teacher and students will read chapter 1 alternately and discuss the Little they learn about the character

3. The class will be seperated into five groups where the Jigsaw technique will be employed. Each group will be assigned a chapter between chapters 2 and 6. They will be given the responsibility of Reading the chapter assigned to them and summarize and share and at the end of each chapter. The teacher will facilitate this process to ensure no main point gets lost.

4. students will use the Fish bowl tecnique stategy to discuss the characters. Teacher will write questionson the board to facilitate discussion. Teacher will also intervene where necessary as a praticipant in the Fish bowl to put ideas accross. Before the activity begins, the teacher will explain the technique and lay the ground rules.

The Story of Paethon

  • 23 April 2018
  • Posted by: Shameka Burnett
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The Story of Paethon
Students’ age range: 12-14
Main subject: Language arts and literature
Topic: Hubris
Description: Engage: Ask students , “ if they had wanted something so badly , that when they finally got it that it turned out to be a disaster.”

Tell them the story of the girl who went missing at the recent bombing in London.

Ask of their own experiences

Play Sway reviewing the story of Phaethon https://sway.com/vsffNe9hRHs4Fx9N?ref=Link&loc=mysways

Explain: Student will be given discussion question to gauge their critical thinking skills using the Socratic questions

e.g Explain how Phaethon’s pride destroyed him?

Explore: Students will be placed in groups. Each group will be given a crossword puzzle to solve. When each group is finished they will have to answer a question on the natural phenomenon found in the story for the next activity.

Elaborate: Students will be given different character cards in the same groups to defend who’s to blame for Phaeton’s demise? Using the PEE METHOD
P- point
E- example
E- explain