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Parts of Speech

  • 23 April 2018
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Parts of Speech
Students’ age range: 10-12
Topic: Adjectives
Description: 1. The teacher enters the class and greets the students. They are informed reminded of the classroom rules, and that they are going to look at a video clip in order to determine the topic for the lesson.

(5 minutes)
2. Upon looking at the video clip which lasts a minute and thirty seconds they are going to brain storm for two minutes and give their opinions of what an adjective is.
3. Students then coin their own definition of adjective and copy it into their exercise books.

(10 minutes)
4. Create three sentences in their books based on adjectives that were used in the video clip.
5. Students communicate the sentences to their teacher, where they are guided as to whether what is being said is grammatically accepted.

(5 minutes)
6. Teacher then invites students to select a piece of paper from a jar (which was brought to class by the teacher) with an adjective written on it. The student has to act out the adjective without using words and then the other classmates has to guess it.

(15 minutes)
7. Students are randomly placed in groups of three to discuss the importance of adjectives and how they make sentences more colourful.
8. At the end of the discussions, students would be asked to give their opinions. The passive learners would be encouraged to represent their groups.

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