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Perfect Tense

  • 29 April 2018
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Perfect Tense
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: What did you do last week-end?
Description: 1st double session:
Objectives: At the end of the class, the students should be able to:
1. Talk about activities they did on the weekend.
2. Conjugate the Passé Composé of regular ER verbs.

Step 1: The teacher will greet the students and they will recap what was done in the last class.
Step 2: The teacher will ask the class what they did last week-end. They will give a response. Teacher will also ask them if the tense that they used to give the response.
Step 3: Teacher will ask the students if they think that they can come up with the formation of the perfect tense/passé compose just by looking at the topic. Students will try and give their take on this.
Step 4: The teacher will show the class a PPT presentation with information on the perfect tense.
Step 5: Students will take notes and complete exercises that follow. **These are all on the PPT.
**Students are to bring their French First Year to next class with the homework.

2nd double session: (French First Year)
Topic: Est-ce que tu as regardé les Grammys ?
At the end of the class, the students should be able to:
1. State what they or others did.
2. Give detailed descriptions about what happened at different events.

Step 1: The students will complete a reflexive test in the first session/ 45 mins.
Step 2: Subsequently, the students will be talking about the grammys. The teacher will show various clippings of same for those who didn’t watch. They will be introduced to verbs/words such as gagner-to win, un prix-prize, les chanteurs- la chanteuse/le chanteur and other ‘er’ verbs that are necessary.
Step 3: Based on the clips shown, students will make sentences to describe the events.
Step 4: Worksheet will be given to the students to complete in class and for homework. Due next week.

Single session
At the end of the class, the students should be able to:
3. Review the conjugation of the verb Avoir in the Present tense.
4. Create sentences using the verb avoir.

Step 1: The students will greeted by the teacher.
Step 2: They will recap what was done in the previous classes.
Step 3: The teacher will write the topic on the board. The students will be asked if they can identify any word from the topic. The students will tell the teacher the words that they know and what they think the sentence means. The teacher will tell the students if they can’t figure it out. (perfect tense)
Step 4: The teacher will scramble the different forms of ‘avoir’- to have on the board. This will be done on two sides of the board.
Step 5: Two students will come up each time and circle the form of the verb that matches the subject/ sentence that will be read. For example, the teacher reads: 1. My brother has two sisters. The students will have to circle ‘a’.
Sentences: 2. How old are you (familiar)? 3. I am 13 years old. 4. The boys have 10 apples. 5. My cousins and I have 300 pencils. 6. Do you (all) have any brothers or sisters?
Step 6: The students will then translate the sentences. The answers will be discussed and marked.
Assignment: The students will be placed in groups to do a speaking assignment on daily routine which was done last week. They have two weeks to prepare. Due: week of February 5 last double session.

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