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Short Story Development

  • 24 April 2018
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 Short Story Development
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Analyzing the Setting of a Short Story 'Pig Money'
Session 1
The first session of this lesson lasted for 1 hour
Step1- The lesson aims and objectives were communicated to the class in a whole group setting.
Step2- Students were instructed to sit in groups of five according to their learning styles (These groups were pre-determined). Each group was given a stimulus to analyse according to learning styles. For example, the visual learners got a picture of a place. The auditory learners were instructed to listen to the sounds created in a particular place. The tactile learners were given a painting of a place done in mosiac form.
Step 3- Students then shared their observations/perceptions of the place they were given in the stimuli. From here the concept of setting was introduced.
Step 4- By combining the ideas given by each group, students were asked to formulate definitions of setting. all definitions were written on the white board.
Step 5- Students were asked to revisit the stimuli and assess the extent to which a person may be affected by each setting. Full explanations were encouraged. Why do you think the person may be affected in this way? How would another setting impact him or her? What can you say then about the impact of setting on a character?
Step 6- The responses to the preceding questions were shared and discussed as a whole class.
Step 7- The lesson was re-capped and the main points highlighted.
End of Session 1
Session 2- 1 hour
Step 6- As a whole group, students' attention was turned to drawn to the short story under discussion- 'Pig Money'. Students were asked to work in groups of three to delineate aspects of the setting as discussed in session one. The main points were written on the white board.
Step 7- Bearing the points from step six in mind, students were again assembled in their learning groups to re-create the setting of the short story. That is by drawing it, painting it, creating an auditory representation of it etc.

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