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¿Qué tiene Vd.?

  • 25 April 2018
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¿Qué tiene Vd.?
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: ¿Qué tiene Vd.?
Description: ENGAGEMENT
The teacher will:
?Greet the students in Spanish: Buenas tardes estudiantes, ¿cómo están?
?Respond: Muy bien gracias. Siéntese por favor.
The teacher will:
?Greet the students in Spanish: Buenas tardes chicas, ¿cómo están?

?Respond: Muy bien gracias. Siéntese por favor.

?Select a random student and ask her:¿ Qué te duele?
?Verbally appraise the student by saying: Muy bien/Excellente/ bien.
?Tell the same student to pose the question to another student.
?Emphasize pronunciation and help students where necessary.
The teacher will allow four to five sets of students to ask and answer the question. After each response, the teacher will verbally appraise each students participate
?pair some students and some will be in groups of three.
?Give each group a handout on how to form the expression “tener + dolor” and the conjugation of tener.
?Visit and listen each group and pair discussions.
?Collect the handouts from each the group and ask all students to close their books.
?Place an empty chart and two students to tape and paste in on the board.
?Instruct students to choose a representative from each group.
Place the strips of card (with the conjugated forms of tener) on the table.
Allow the class to look on the chart and decide if the strips of cards (of the verb tener) were placed at the correct pronouns.
?Test how much the students have learnt by play the game Charades.
?Ask students to place themselves in groups of six and choose a representative.
?From that same group, members of the team will pose the question…. ¿Que te duele?

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