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Los Medios de transporte

  • 25 May 2018
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 Los Medios de transporte
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Los Medios de transporte
Description: Utilizing Media, Materials, and Methods: Video? entitled “Los Medios de Transporte” taken from youtube will be used to introduce the lesson. The video will prompt students into coming up with the topic for the day. The Interactive Chart? will be used to solidify students’ understanding of the topic. The will classify the various types of transportations into their respective modes. The interactive powerpoint ?will be used as a reinforcer to the interactive chart and will be used to facilitate the inclusion of high tech into the classroom. Educational Game? will be used to get students excited about the lesson and to show their understanding of the concepts being taught. Speakers? will be used to amplify the sounds being played by the teachers. Projector? will be used to project information that is to be seen by all students. Markers and Whiteboard ?will be used to present visual representations of the information being presented and to highlight salient points of the lesson. 1. Preview the materials?: The Video, Educational Game and Chart will be reviewed to ensure that the content is relevant to the topic and that there are no errors presented in them. 2. Prepare the materials:? The Powerpoint presentation , educational game and interactive chart will be meticulously searched for, downloaded and made respectively prior to the commencement of the class. 3. Prepare the environment:? Class will be held in the Early Childhood computer lab. Teachers will go to the class before the start time to see to it that the necessary equipment are in places,ensure lighting is proper and Air conditioning temperature is at a tolerable level for all students. 4. Prepare the learners?: Students will engage students by firstly creating a positive psychosocial environment (greeting the students and ensuring that they are doing fine today). Teachers will then introduce and ask students to watch the video ‘Los Medios de Transporte” and take notes of what they have watched to discuss with class afterwards. Learner Participation This lesson will be split into five sections each lasting between 5-10 minutes for a duration of 35 of 40 minutes. The five minutes of the 40 not planned for is to accommodate student questions, delays in technology and transition or thinking time. Segment 1 - 5 Minutes Teacher will: 1. Allow students to watch a video based on modes of transportation and monitor as they take meaningful notes. 2. Ask students about the types of transportation they use and that which is present in Jamaica. Students will: 1. Watch attentively the short video and make notes about types of transport. 2. Share information about the types of transportation they know of and use. Segment 2- 10 minutes Teacher will: 1. Allow students to sit in their groups to research information on types of transportation 2. Teacher will pay attention as students explain and ask questions to guide students. 3. Explain the concept of land, air and sea transport and the different transportation modes in a developed Hispanic Country 4.? Explain the following structures: Cómo vas a la escuela..? ¿Cómo vas a a la + place al ( a + el) mas Voy a la escuela en.... ¿Cuál tipo de transporte es....? Students will: 1. Use available resources to explore the different modes of transport.(Technological devices, textbooks and background knowledge) 2. Share and explain the information they found during their research. 3. Take meaningful notes. 4. Listening and taking meaningful notes. Segment 3- 5 Minutes Teacher will: 1. Give students a pair based activity to classify all the types and modes of transportation discussed in today’s class. Students will: 1. Work with a partner to classify correctly as many of the types of transportation discussed in today’s class. Segment 4- 10 Minutes Teacher will: 1. Ask students to create dialogues using the learnt structures. 2. Ask students to assess each other (Peer Evaluation Students will: 1. Create and present a dialogues using the learnt structures, their experiences and creativity. 2. Evaluate different groups. Segment 5- 5 Minutes Teacher will: 1. Give students the instruction to create a song or poem in groups of 4-5 about the modes of transportation in their country or a Hispanic country Students will: 1. Take note of the

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