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Discussion Training Workshop

  • 23 April 2018
  • Posted by: Kimmera Grant-Garrick
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 Discussion Training Workshop
Students’ age range: 16-18
Topic: Teaching Discussion foe External Examination
Description: Previous Knowledge: The students are familiar with the meaning behind stage 2/ level 3. They also have contento n the scenario to be spoken about the discussion.

• The teacher will engage students in a discussion of the objective behind conducting the training workshop.Then the teacher will give individual students the discussion assessment rubric.
• The students will read assessment rubric to discuss the expected rules/features of doing the discussion done at stage 3/ level 2.They will relate the expected rules/features of doing this discussion as both members of the inner and outer circle, and then collect individual folders with sheets of papers. [Pros and Cons Grid, Critique results sheets for video and outer circle documentation]

• Teacher will encourage students to watch the videoed discussion with members of the inner circle engaged in a bad practice and best practice involved in doing a discussion competently at stage 3/level .
• While watching these video clips, the students will be asked to use the rubric given to critique this videoed discussion and document their results on sheets of papers given with a pros and cons grid.
• Students will return the pros and cons sheets of papers to the teacher.

• The teacher will view the students Pros and Cons sheeted responses on an overhead projector, and by way of whole classroom discussion the students will note and share the rules and features expected of them when they partake in being in the inner or outer circle member.

Extension and Evaluation
• The students will be asked to arrange themsevles as members of the outer circle.
• Teacher will choose members for the inner circle members once unless they failed the assesment.
• Each member will engage in their expected roles [ as either inner circle member and outer circle members] when encouraged to do so. Each student will be graded according to the specifications of the rubric for stage3/level 2 at that time.
• Each has at mínimum five minutes to engage in the meaningful discussion of the given scenarion. The teacher will use a stop watch to ensure the time is adhered to. After a group discussion presentation, he outer group members will present their scores for the individual students as they are asked to do, once their names are called. When a student is awarded a failing grade that students will remain to be part of the next group members to be called to the inner circle.

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