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2009 - 2012

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On the request of the Government of Haiti, the OAS - together with its alliance for the modernization of the cadastre - implemented a series of technical missions to modernize its cadastre. Cadastre and a Land Management Infrastructure (LRI) was created with the expectation to be a basic country-wide grid for identifying parcels, recording property rights information, and providing proof of ownership to empower Haitians, generate transparent environments for national and foreign investors, and strengthen the rule of law to improve democratic governance, among others.

Haiti Foncier supported the Government of Haiti (GOH) to develop its Cadastre and Land Management Infrastructure (LRI); more specifically in those critical reconstruction needs in the short term, as well as in the formation and development of the cadastre and LRI in the medium and long term, with a strong emphasis on community engagement.

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Build capacities, generate awareness, and design and implement a land management infrastructure that is comprehensive, secure, integrative and cost‐efficient and which will support the immediate reconstruction plans as well as the long‐term development of Haiti.

More Results
60 public officers from central and local governments in Haiti sensitized and trained in 10 workshops on cadastre and land management infrastructure
National Cadastre Office of Haiti (ONACA) capabilities improved through onsite technical assistance.
Georeferencing technology transferred for cadastral surveying in Haiti.
National Cadastre Office (ONACA) and National Geographic Information Systems Institute of Haiti trained on the use of new georeferencing technology.
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