Project Management Specialist - P03

Grade: P03
Type of Appointment: Series A - Short Term
Duration of Contract: 12 months
Secretary/Department/Off.: The Exec. Secretariat of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Announcement Number: EO/26/22
Duty Station: US - Washington D.C.
Job Family: Human Rights Commission
Job Category: Professionals and Higher Categories
Recruitment Type: External
Employment Schedule: Full time
Publication Date: 9/19/22
Closing Date: 10/3/22
# of Openings: 2

  Annual Basic Salary (net of taxes):

Basic Salary: $62,692.00

 Annual Post Adjustment (net of taxes):

Post Adjustment: $40,060.00


Duties and responsibilities:

Management of Statistical Information:

- Develops and coordinates the management and the generation of the institutional statistical information on projects of the IACHR Executive Secretariat for institutional decision-making.

- Develops and administers systems for the management of information, statistical information of value to the IACHR Executive Secretariat.

- Is responsible for the preparation and update of the annual project monitoring for specific mandates identified by thematic areas.

- Develop and manage a database of the IACHR projects.

  Project Analysis and Design:

  2. Supports the management processes for cooperation projects coordinated and/or executed by the ES/IACHR. Participates in the development of project formulation and monitoring of programs and projects executed by the ES/IACHR, regardless of funding source. Participates in developing institutional documents.
  3. - Serves as a resource person to the ES/IACHR for project managers and consultants providing information on the use of the respective project management tools: project document format, logical framework matrix, matrix for monitoring and evaluation of projects, guidelines for preparing progress and final reports. Provide coaching as requested to IACHR project managers and project teams on formulating specific projects to meet the OAS standards for results-based project management.
  4. - Provides advise on project design throughout the ES/IACHR to the staff members in technical, substantive and administrative service areas of the ES/IACHR , In so doing, s/he appraises, analyzes reviews and adjusts project proposals to ensure consistency with the OAS mandates and the institutional criteria, the national, sub regional, regional and sectoral priorities, and with available resources; makes recommendations for reformulating the project proposal according to OAS Standards and also donors methodologies. Represents the Planning and Project Section of ES/IACHR in meetings by presenting written and verbal comments related to content and logic of the project proposals to senior and mid-level specialists. When there are differences negotiates with the project managers and project team on what is the best manner in which to incorporate the human rights approach so that it meets the standards for results-based project management.
  5. - Advises the sections throughout the ES/IACHR in the formulation of program/project plans, results oriented objectives and performance indicators for their projects.
  6. Is responsible for making certain that results oriented objectives and performance indicators are included in the ES/IACHR project documents.
  7. - Is responsible for assessing the final versions of project documents to determine whether they meet the requirements for approval and providing recommendations on the same to the Section Chief. Networks with senior and mid-level staff to ensure that comments and suggestions are taken into account in the preparation of the final project proposal documents.
  8. - Responsible for analyzing project profiles assigned by Section Chief and preparing comments to serve as input for the discussions at the Working Group to the CEP.
  9. - Responsible for monitoring the progress of projects assigned, preparing progress and final reports with IACHR project managers, and preparing progress reports to be signed off on by the project manager and the Section Chief.
  10. - Advises the section in preparation on strategic plan and monitoring its implementation


- Performs other duties and responsibilities that are commensurate with the classification level for the position.
-  In absence of the Section Chief s/he coordinates the work done by the section staff.               


Education & Experience : 

Essential: First University Degree (Bachelor) in Political Science, Law, International Relations, Business Administration, Economics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Development studies or a related field issued by a duly accredited institution and 7 years of relevant experience at the national and/or international level OR Advanced University Degree (Master) in one of the fields listed above issued by a duly accredited institution and 4 years of relevant experience OR Doctorate and 1 year of relevant experience.

Desirable:   Experience or knowledge of the OAS mandate and priorities as related to the area of work and/or the dynamics of the Inter-American agenda and system.

Computer Skills: Ability to effectively work using Microsoft Office (e.g. Outlook, Word, and Excel), and other software applicable to the area of work.


Essential – Proficient in at least two of the official languages of the OAS (read, write and communicate). 

Desirable – Working knowledge of other two OAS official languages.

Personal Competencies: Client Orientation, Knowledge Sharing, Teamwork, Interpersonal Skills. Ability to clearly communicate in the languages required for the post.

The GS/OAS embraces equality, diversity and inclusion. Thus, the GS/OAS, in accordance with its rules and regulations, is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment, achieving a diverse staff, and will take into account a wide geographic representation, as well as gender equity and equality, in the selection of candidates.

Please note that the mandatory retirement age for staff members at the General Secretariat of the OAS is 65 years old.

Upon hiring, the GS/OAS expects all workforce members in Washington, DC to be up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccines unless there is a medical reason not to do so. When you obtain a vaccination, you will greatly reduce the risk to yourself and those with whom you interact. Vaccines are highly effective and are widely available throughout the Washington, D.C., area.