Inter-American Award on Innovation for Effective Public Management

PIGEP X, Edition 2022


PIGEP 2021

The Inter-American Award on Innovation for Effective Public Management is an OAS Department of Effective Public Management (DEPM) initiative. Its main purpose is to recognize, encourage, systematize, and promote public management innovations that are being introduced in the region. Ultimately, the aim is to help make public institutions in the Americas more and more transparent and effective and help them develop mechanisms for citizen participation.

The Department of Social Inclusion and the OAS’ Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) have been collaborating closely on this endeavor, and have made valuable contributions towards incorporating the social inclusion and gender perspective categories, respectively.

Since the inception of the Award in 2013, more than 556 innovative experiences have been submitted regionally; 34 special recognitions have been given out; and awards have gone to a total of 25 different public institutions from 19 countries of the region, namely: Argentina, Belize, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

All of the experiences selected and the previous winning entries may be found in a Databank of Innovative Experiences for Effective Public Management,, s an online database available on our website. This is free of charge and open to public sector and academic personnel and interested members of the public, who will be able to learn first-hand about everyday efforts by the public sector in the Americas to innovate in order to deliver better public services and thus fulfill their mandates and objectives for the benefit of citizens, to whom all public officials are accountable.

In concluding, I take this opportunity to once again invite all public institutions in the OAS member states to participate in this event, ever mindful that insofar as the public management community of the Americas can learn about and appreciate what they are doing, they will help strengthen the bonds of cooperation among our countries as well as democratic governance in the region as a whole.

Sincerely yours,

María Fernanda Trigo

Director, OAS Department for Effective Public Management

Secretariat for Hemispheric Affairs (SHA)

The main objective of the Inter-American Award on Innovation for Effective Public Management – PIGEP (for its acronyms in Spanish) is to strengthen democratic governance in the region through the improvement of public administrations of the OAS Member States, through the dissemination and exchange of innovative experiences in effective public management.

Its specific objectives are:

1. To recognize, identify, collect and disseminate innovative practices in public management of the countries of the Inter-American System;

2. To draw attention to innovation as a cross-cutting element of public management that goes beyond the use of technology;

3. To keep an Observatory of innovative experiences on public management that can be consulted by public officials, experts and citizens in general;

4. To generate among the public a growing demand for the improvement of public management in their public administrations; and

5. To foster innovation in public management among the countries of the Americas.

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The Inter-American Award on Innovation for Effective Public Management (PIGEP) consists in a recognition by means of Certificated issued by the Organization of American States (OAS). This recognition can be only used with institutional purposes.

Likewise, the OAS, through its social networks and Databank of Innovative Experiences for Effective Public Management, will disseminate results about the Winners institutions.

The OAS reserves the right to publish the results of the selection process. Likewise, applicants must give - in the application form, his/her authorization for the publication and use - total or partial - of the content of the application.

• Beginning of the Call for Applications: May 16, 2022

• Deadline to apply: August 31, 2022

• Publication of the results: November-December, 2022

* Due to events of force majeure, these dates can change.

An innovative experience in effective public management is a public initiative (broadly defined as a program, public policy, activity, process, etc.) carried out by a public administration that, due to its originality or characteristics, has generated outstanding results in its effectiveness and efficiency for the benefit of citizens.


-Applications focusing exclusively on Draft Bills, software, online platforms, or on general reforms will not be considered;

-Hard copies of applications will not be accepted. Only the electronic versions will be evaluated as submitted through the online Application Form.

To apply to the Inter-American Award on Innovation for Effective Public Management, the following requirements have to be met:

a. Be a public institution/entity at any administrative level (national, regional, local) from a OAS member state;

b. The innovative experiences must have a two-year implementation time from the execution stage. The design is not considered part of the implementation stage.

c. Complete the Online Application Form.

The deadline to apply is until August 31, 2022.

• If the institution wants to apply on more than one category, it must apply through different application forms.

• The institution can apply a maximum of three experiences per category.

• All the information contained in the application form is considered true. If at any stage of the process it is proved that this requirement is not fulfilled; the application will be automatically disqualified. The decision cannot be appealed.

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The Special Jury is chaired by the OAS Secretary for Hemispheric Affairs and it is composed by distinguished experts, academics and officials from institutions and internationally renowned universities.

At any time the OAS Department for Effective Public Management (DEPM) will serve as Technical Secretariat, in order to facilitate the activities.

• The OAS Department for Effective Public Management (DEPM) will provide assistance to the applicants interested in submitting innovative experiences of their national institutions/entities.

• Assistance includes: Answering information requests about requirements, the application process and other things related to this activity.

To apply to the PIGEP, please follow the steps explained here