Inter-American Program of Senior Political Management 2019-2020
Management, Leadership, Governance, Democracy and Political Communication

This is an initiative developed by the OAS School of Government and the Inter-American Center for Political Management, located in Miami. Its objective is to provide effective and innovative tools and methodologies for the positioning of a government and/or senior management in government communication. It is intended to political leaders, governors, cabinets, government participants, political party members and professionals interested in political communication.

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This program consists of three (3) modules: two (2) have been carried out in Miami and one is about to be develop at the OAS headquarters in Washington D.C. Each module lasts one week. The first module took place in December 2019 at the Political Center headquarters in Miami; the second module was held in February 2020, also in Miami; and the third module was to be hold in Washington D.C., at OAS headquarters, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Experts from the Political Center, authorities and specialists from the OAS, as well as international teachers are part of the teaching team that provides presentations and workshops about the generation of socially responsible public policies, political leadership, human rights, public management, political communication and democracy.

In the first stage of the program, 16 people from 8 countries have been trained. They came from Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

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