School of Governance

The OAS School of Governance (OAS SoG) is a flagship initiative of the OAS General Secretariat that offers training aimed at strengthening practices of institutional transparency, citizen participation and promoting accountability to citizens. We train public officials, political, social and community leaders who work with the government and civil society.

The OAS School of Governance’s activities are supported by several OAS General Assembly mandates such as: OAS Charter (articles 31, 38, 45, 47 and 51), the OAS Inter-American Democratic Charter (articles 2 and 4) and OAS/GA Resolution 2894 XLVI-O / 16 (item viii, line 2), among others.


We offer a broad portfolio of technical training and leadership development programs focusing on Democracy, Human Rights, Multidimensional Security and Integral Development. We empower citizens, we strengthen communities.


We promote research initiatives that result in reports, manuals, guidelines and technical notes to deepen understanding of the Inter-American Agenda.


Through our technical assistance initiatives, we generate impact in cities and communities of the Americas to strengthen democratic governance, integral development, multidimensional security and Human Rights in the Americas.


Being part of the OAS School of Governance means entering to a diverse community of individuals who seek to improve themselves and meet their objectives. Stay connected!