Department of Effective Public Management
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About Us

The Department for Effective Public Management (DEPM), with the aim of contributing to more effective, transparent, and participative government for the effective exercise of democracy (Article 2, 4, 6 of the Interamerican Democratic Charter), work in the following areas. Click on each topic to learn more.
Inter American Cooperation Mechanism for Effective Public Management (MECIGEP)

The MECIGEP aims to create a space for dialogue and learning among member states through an Inter-American forum in which countries will share and exchange perspectives and opinions on their public sector institutional reforms with the objective of enhancing the effectiveness of public management for development.

The MECIGEP will hold experts roundtables that will analyze one or more key issues of public management.

Topics covered by the MECIGEP are:

+ Public Budgeting

+ Professionalization of Civil Service

+ Coordination of Intra/Inter Ministerial

+ Evaluation of Policies and Programs

+ Regulatory framework for competition

+ Transparency and accountability

+ Information and Communication Technologies

+ Quality of Public Services

+ Citizen Participation in Public Policy

Technical Cooperation

The program aims to strengthen the administrative structures of the OAS Member States "High-level Government" in planning and controlling policies, programs and public projects that are prioritized in the government's agenda. In turn, it contributes to improve public service under the principles of democratic governance framed in the Democratic Charter

Transparency and Integrity

The work in the area of Transparency and Integrity in Public Administration is mainly directed to integrate efforts to promote transparency, integrity and responsibility in public administration in countries of the Americas. This objective, which now is prominent in the political agenda of OAS Member States, is based on the belief that promoting these values is the cornerstone for democratic governance contributing to improve the relationship between State and citizens, and also to combat corruption and increase accountability in public institutions.

Civil Registry: Universal Civil Identity Program in the Americas (PUICA)

    The Department for Effective Public Management, through its Universal Civil Identity Program in the Americas (PUICA), assists OAS member states by providing technical support to national civil registry institutions aimed at strengthening and modernizing them, which fosters social inclusion and strengthens democratic governance, and ensures the right to civil identity for all people in the Hemisphere.

    PUICA supports civil registry institutions by providing assistance in professional training, technological modernization, and by promoting the exchange of good practices among institutions through workshops and virtual forums.


    The OAS e-Government Program promotes public sector modernization through the introduction of Communication and Information Technologies (ICTs) to administrative and management procedures; as a means to increase transparency, efficiency and citizen participation in Latin America. The e-Government projects seek to position e-Government initiatives as a priority across political agendas, to support the coordination and collaboration of different countries in the region in the area of e-Government to accelerate processes, to limit duplications and favor interrelations.