The Inter-American Convention against the Illicit Manufacture of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Other Related Materials (CIFTA) is a binding multilateral agreement to promote the establishment of controls and regulations on the illicit manufacturing and trafficking of firearms. Adopted in 1997, it is the first regional tool of this nature and it was ratified by 31 of the 34 OAS member states.

The Conference of the States Parties to the CIFTA is its highest political body, bringing together the high authorities of the States Parties to examine the operation and application of the convention. At the Conference, the States Parties determine the priorities to achieve compliance with the convention through the approval of Declarations, Recommendations and/or Courses of Action. Currently, the 2018-2022 Course of Action, is in force, approved at the IV Conference of the States Parties.


  • Review the progress in the implementation of the Convention and the 2018-2022 Course of Action and evaluate the achieved results;
  • Establish priorities and indicate objectives to promote the fulfillment of  the provisions of the Convention;
  • Encourage cooperation between the States Parties;
  • Determine the design and implementation of joint programs with regional and global organizations to strengthen the capacities of the States Parties to implement the convention.



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