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Sixteenth Regular Session of CICTE

The Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) held its Sixteenth Regular Session from February 25-26, 2016 at the OAS Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

The Chair of CICTE presented the Report for 2015-2016 and highlighted that under the chairmanship of Paraguay, the Executive Secretariat of CICTE was able to provide support to member states in their national and collective efforts to prevent, combat, punish, and eliminate terrorism in the Americas.  From January to December 2015, the CICTE Executive Secretariat implemented capacity-building and training programs in all member states via 65 events that contributed to the strengthening and professionalization of over 3,500 officials in the region.

Member States also adopted a declaration on “Strengthening Hemispheric Cooperation and Development in Cybersecurity and Fighting Terrorism in The Americas”. In the declaration, the OAS member countries recognized that the threat of terrorism is exacerbated when connections exist between terrorism and illicit drug trafficking, cybercrime, illicit arms trafficking, money laundering, and other forms of transnational organized crime, and that such illicit activities may be used to support and finance terrorist activities.  The OAS Member Countries reiterated their commitment to prevent, combat, and eliminate terrorism through the broadest possible cooperation, with full respect for the sovereignty of states and in compliance with their obligations under national and international law, including international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international refugee law.  Further they declared their commitment to creating confidence-building measures that strengthen international peace and security and that can increase cooperation, transparency, predictability, and stability among states in the use of cyberspace, recognizing confidence and security building measures as one of the lynchpins of collaboration among member states which enhance trust and cooperation and reduce the risk of conflict;

In addition the member states adopted the 2016 Work Plan, which includes a program of activities for the following areas: 1) Border Controls: Maritime Safety; Aviation Security; Document Security and Fraud Prevention; Immigration and Customs Controls; and Assistance UN Security Resolution 1540 implementation. 2) Legislative Assistance and Combating Terrorism Financing: Legislative Assistance; and Combating Terrorism Financing. 3) Protection of Critical Infrastructure: Cyber security; Tourism Security; Critical Infrastructure Protection; and Global Supply Chain Security. 4) Strengthening Strategies on Emerging Terrorist Threats: Crisis Management; and Workshops. 5) International Coordination and Cooperation: Partnerships; Direct Member State Assistance.

In the same meeting, the member states decided that the Seventeenth Regular session of CICTE will be held on March 16 and 17, 2017 in Panama City, Panama, and Chile was nominated as the Chair for CICTE for 2016-2017 and Panama the Vice-Chair for the same period.


List of Participants

Speeches & Presentations

  • Remarks by Christopher Painter - CICTE National Points of Contact Meeting

    Languages: Eng

  • Angela Mckay, Microsoft - Cibersecurity: Critical Considerations for the Development of the Economy and Digital Society

    Languages:  Eng

  • Remarks by Alfred Schandlbauer  - CICTE Executive Secretary - Opening Ceremony

    Languages: Eng
  • Remarks by Colombia Mission 

    Languages:  Spa
  • Remarks for Guatemala Mission

    Languages: Spa
  • Remarks by Greald R Bessette, FBI - Cyberdivision

    Languages:  Eng
  • Remarks by James Lewis, CSIS

    Languages:  Eng
  • Remarks by Ambassador Elisa Ruiz Diaz, Opening Ceremony

    Languages:  Spa
  • Remarks by Paulina Duarte, Secretary of the Secretariat of Multidimensional Security, Opening Ceremony

    Languages:  Spa
  • Remarks by Alfred Schandlbauer - CICTE Executive Secretary - CICTE National Points of Contacts Meeting

    Languages:  Eng



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