Best Practices Workshops

Sub-regional Workshops on Best Practices in Port Security and Implementation of the ISPS Code seek to enhance Member States’ capacity to comply with international maritime security standards. These workshops are designed to promote a better understanding of maritime security threats and vulnerabilities within each sub-region, and to increase coordination, cooperation, and the exchange of information and best practices among those responsible for maritime security in the region. PSAP partners assist in the organization of these events; Transport Canada and the US Coast Guard provide expertise and technical support, while DHS/CBP, CBSA, several private sector companies, and other Member States also provide experts.

Workshops on the APEC Manual on Maritime Security Drills and Exercises: The APEC Manual on Maritime Security Drills and Exercises was created by a private company under contract with Transport Canada as a tool for APEC economies and port authorities. The CICTE Secretariat, through its participation in the APEC Transportation Working Group and Maritime Security (MEG-SEC) sub-group (chaired by Canada), has committed to making the manual available to OAS Member States as a tool for enhancing maritime security. This will entail having the manual translated to Spanish, and the organization in 2009 and 2010 of sub-regional training workshops to introduce the manual to appropriate maritime security officials from the Member States. The ultimate goal is to establish a standard for the two hemispheres and 50 Member States of the OAS and APEC regarding the use of maritime security drills and exercises. A first sub-regional course is being organized for the Caribbean region for late June of this year, in a host country to be determined.