The Legislative Assistance and Combating Terrorist Financing Program provides technical assistance to OAS member states to develop and approve the necessary legislation to effectively counter terrorism and its financing, in accordance with the universal legal instruments against terrorism, especially the United Nations Convention against the Financing of Terrorism, the Resolutions of the UN Security Council, the Inter-American Convention against Terrorism, and the Recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on money laundering and financing of terrorism (ML / FT).


Resultados asistencia legislativa financiamento


This program covers three main groups of activities:

  • Legislative technical assistance missions.
  • Specialized technical training for members of the Financial Intelligence Units, prosecutors, judges and law enforcement officers in the field of ML / FT.
  • National, regional or subregional activities, such as workshops and training courses.

Strategic partners

Comité contra el Terrorismo de Naciones Unidas (CTED)


Meeting of Consultation of the States Parties to the Inter-American Convention Against Terrorism

CICTE holds an annual meeting to promote dialogue and promote the exchange of experiences and practices aimed at preventing and countering terrorism in the Hemisphere.


Comparative Analysis of Typologies and Patterns of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in Three Free Trade Zones in Latin America (2018).

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