CICTE's Supply Chain (Authorized Economic Operator-AEO) program focuses its efforts on a public-private partnership program, accepted worldwide as a best practice in terms of risk management and supply chain security, in addition to facilitating commerce.

The program is an initiative that benefits both private companies and national governments.

To be certified in the program, companies must comply with minimum safety standards and follow basic safety protocols. The national government benefits when more companies adhere to these safety standards, mitigating the risk associated with certain imports and exports and allowing them to focus limited safety resources on riskier shipments.


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In each beneficiary country, we start with an evaluation visit of 3 to 4 days, in which the CICTE project team meets independently with all stakeholders from the public and private sectors to obtain an accurate picture of the history, the current state and the obstacles to growth facing the country. When possible, the project team also accompanies the Authorized Economic Operator program officers conducting a validation visit to a company, a critical phase of the successful administration of the program. On the basis of these meetings, the CICTE team elaborates a document with technical recommendations and establishes a process of monitoring and comparative evaluation for its implementation.

The two follow-up visits, of 4 to 5 days each, cover two complementary training modes. The CICTE team conducts a series of workshops for government officials involved in the administration of the Authorized Economic Operator program, which includes both in-depth technical training for customs personnel working at the program headquarters and a more superficial description for the frontline border control officers working at the ports of entry and exit.

As a complement to this training, the project team collaborates with host government officials to organize a series of training courses for the private sector that will help companies of all sizes meet the requirements of the Authorized Economic Operator program.

Strategic partners

Unión Europea
Organización Mundial del Comercio
El Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
Asociación de Aduanas y Comercio contra el Terrorismo (CPTAT)
Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza de Estados Unidos (CBP)
Dirección General de Aduanas de Dominican Republic / Equipo del programa Operador Económico Autorizado
Dirección Nacional de Aduanas de Uruguay / Equipo del programa Operador Económico Autorizado


Meeting of Consultation of the States Parties to the Inter-American Convention Against Terrorism

CICTE holds an annual meeting to promote dialogue and promote the exchange of experiences and practices aimed at preventing and countering terrorism in the Hemisphere.


Supply Chain Security Program: Workshops