The OAS-CICTE Cargo and Container Security Program seeks to strengthen the capacities of OAS member states in the area of border security, particularly the authorities (Customs, Border Police and other actors operating at land border points, airports and ports) responsible for ensuring the movement of cargo and merchandise through national access points, promoting the exchange of information and cooperation between government agencies and other key actors throughout the region.


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The Cargo and Container Security program, with the support of its strategic partners, carries out technical analysis visits in the participating countries, in order to determine needs and opportunities for collaboration. Once identified, the program develops proposals to optimize security procedures and inspection techniques, and, if necessary, provide technical assistance in the form of comprehensive training courses on customs controls related to the inspection of cargo ships and containers. These two are the means with the greatest incidence in the illicit traffic across the borders of the region.

Strategic partners


Meeting of Consultation of the States Parties to the Inter-American Convention Against Terrorism

CICTE holds an annual meeting to promote dialogue and promote the exchange of experiences and practices aimed at preventing and countering terrorism in the Hemisphere.